About me

Welcome to my website! I am Gabriele Stonyte, based in Washington D.C. I used to love photography since childhood and my hobby become inherent part of my life. 

This is my first year residing in the United States.  I came from a small European country, Lithuania. I am working with a professional photographer Mantas Kubilinskas. He is a very gifted photographer with great imagination. He's one of the best wedding photographers in United States and worldwide. I am proud to say that he is not only my teacher: he is also my friend and my inspiration. 

Despite my love for photography, during my free time, I spent in my hobbies that help me conceptualize and improve my skills. I love traveling: there are so many places to go and wonderful cultures to learn and appreciate. To keep my body fit, I hike long distances and keep my body moving through dance. Also I love animals, my dog "Gucci" makes me feel happy every time we go for a walk.

Through my camera, I catch many things in their natural look, no need to pose and look artificial. Like my mentor, I am specializing in wedding photography. Photography is ours for a life time to see those photos and remember everything in the past as if it were only yesterday.